Benefits of a Houston Home Security Company

Benefits of a Houston Home Security Company

Gone are the days when you could simply leave your front door unlocked and trust that your dog or neighbors would keep your house safe while you were away from home. No matter what type of neighborhood you live in today, you must be completely protected at all levels in order to feel truly secure when you go to bed for the night. Plus, you certainly want to keep your precious mementos and costly belongings safe while you are gone for the day. Here is how our Houston home security company can help you.

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Home Security Company
There are certainly dozens of reasons why our customers have chosen to use our Houston home security company. The most frequently cited reason is that they want to protect their valuable possessions. Properly activated and armed security systems can prevent break-in, limit crime, protect you and your entire family while you sleep and give you peace of mind whether you are at work for the day or on the other side of the world for a week.

However, several other benefits may be less known to you. We offer services that let you remotely access portions of your home via video. Plus, once your service is up and running, you can check with your homeowner’s insurance company to see if your new system will lower your monthly homeowner’s or renter’s premiums. With our professional services, you will not have to worry about monitoring your home yourself but can trust that we are always doing the work for you.

New or Current Systems
Our Houston home security services are just as good whether you want to install a new system in your home or want to add our services to an existing system. We work with both options but do offer zero-cost installation for new systems, including motion, door and window sensors. With either system, you can feel peace of mind that you are completely protected in Houston.

Three Complete Lines of Protection
At Allied Home Security, we focus on three levels of protection for every home with which we work. The first layer is actually quite effective in deterring crime and focuses on alerting people arriving to your home that you have a security system. We will place decals on your windows and signs in your yard to show that Allied is on your side.

The second line of protection is the perimeter of your home. This focuses on the ways that an intruder would try to get into your home. We will be alerted as soon as someone attempts to enter your home via door and window sensors and glass break detectors.

Finally, we focus on protecting the interior of your home with motion sensors. We place these in prime locations through which an intruder would be most likely to walk.

Extra Features for Safety and Security
However, you can build an even better system with extra features through Allied. We offer security cameras that both you and our professionals can monitor. We also can help with infrared doorbell cameras, secure emergency key fobs and medical alert devices.

A Houston Home Security Company You Can Trust
Adding a security system to your home can give you that level of protection you want for yourself as well as for your loved ones. Whether you need a completely new system or simply want to arm your existing system or add in another layer of protection, we can help you at Allied Home Security. With no-cost installation and activation, you have no excuses for not getting your home secured today.

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