Finding the Best Security Camera Surveillance System in Houston

Finding the Best Security Camera Surveillance System in Houston

As the song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” but not for you and certainly not for your CCTV. Someone broke in and stole the packages right from under tree while you were at the office start-the-holidays-with-a-smile party. Nothing to smile about now, (even though the employees at your dental office party seemed to enjoy themselves) because all you got from your CCTV video was some grainy footage with no recognizable faces.

Admittedly, that security camera surveillance system was here when you moved to Houston. And now, you’re wondering if it isn’t time to replace it. But, you dread the thought of trying to find another security camera surveillance system in Houston. That is, until someone at the office tells you about Allied Home Security. They have free installation and activation for a very affordable price. In fact, if you’d had them install a new system just last week, you could have saved more than the cost of the system for the whole year, with what was under the tree.

Sure, your homeowners will cover some of it, but with the $500 deductible, at first, it didn’t look as if it would be a very merry Christmas. But, with the deal you got from Allied Home, you’re actually starting to smile again, and so is your partner. It seems like she’s calling you twice a day to tell you about another feature she discovered with the new system.

Video Doorbell

Just this morning, she told you about the video doorbell, which saved her from the chatterbox from across the street. When she heard the doorbell, she checked her smartphone to see who was there. With the new technology, she said she was able to mute the doorbell and go back to sleep.

Auxiliary Monitoring Features

You can certainly understand her exuberance; it’s the best security camera surveillance system you have ever seen. The Houston area is a great place to live and work, but you were a little concerned about the break-in. Not anymore, Allied Home installed the system and showed you all the auxiliary features, such as carbon monoxide monitoring, fire alarm and smoke detection. With their maintenance and monitoring schedule, you won’t have to worry about anything anymore.

The Best Security Camera Surveillance System in the Houston, TX, Area

You can observe everything that is going on around your property, right from your smartphone. What’s more, they even put signs out front and in the back, and decals on all the exterior doors. Intruders will think twice before even stepping onto your property in the future.

Allied Home Security – Hire the Professionals

Call Allied Home Security at (866) 255-4338 to get an appraisal of your home or business security camera surveillance system needs in Houston. Their trained and professional staff will go over everything with you and give you a price that won’t break the bank. Visit their website to use their convenient contact form. You can even visit; they’re at 507 North Sam Houston Parkway East, #430.