Holiday Security Tips to Complement your House Alarm System

Holiday Security Tips to Complement your House Alarm System

There’s no better time during the year than the holiday season. It’s a time for giving thanks and sharing gifts and gatherings with family and friends. It’s also a time when many of us travel, leaving our homes and Christmas gifts vulnerable to home intruders. Thieves know this is the time of year when many families pack up and leave for a holiday. This leaves their homes empty and a perfect target for some enterprising intruder. You’ve got a house alarm system, but what else can you do to protect your home and valuables? Below are some easy tips to help you get securely through the holiday season.

Follow these tips, and you will improve your chances intruders will take a look at your house, then move on to easier targets.

1. One of the most important things you can do to protect your home is to let the world know your home is protected by a house alarm system. You can do this by ensuring the security company’s signs are visible from the street and, even, in the back of your house. You’ll also want to place security company decals on windows around your home. Make sure that any camera system you have is visible, so intruders know that if they approach your home, they will be photographed. There’s nothing they dislike more.

2. Second, use timer switches to turn your house lights on and off in the evening to leave the impression that the home is occupied. You may be gone, but intruders need to think that the house is full of people. Chances are they will check out your lighted house and decide to move along.

3. Thirdly, don’t post on social media that you will be leaving on vacation, when you’re leaving and when you’ll return. Thieves routinely scan various social media sites looking for people telling everyone they will be gone for such and such a time. Posting your holiday plans is like saying to the thief, ‘Hey, we’re gone, so come on in.” Posting the fact that your home will be vacant is a calling card for intruders.

4. Fourth, be certain to tell your neighbor your vacation schedule. Let them know when you will be gone and ask them to keep an eye on your house. Neighbors are usually willing to pick up the mail, pick up the newspaper, and ensure that your home stays safe and secure. Give them your contact numbers, where you will be, and, perhaps, provide them with a temporary alarm code to your house alarm system. Giving them access to your home lets them check out the inside of your home to ensure everything is safe and secure.

5. Finally, it may be a good idea to upgrade your door and window locks to reinforce against forced entry. Discuss with the professionals at Allied Home Security Systems how to combine window locks with your house alarm system. We also can advise you how doors can be reinforced and your house alarm system upgraded.

The holidays are just around the corner, so now is a good time to think about your home security alarm system and how to protect your home if you plan to travel over the holidays. Allied Home Security is your go-to company for security equipment, installation, maintenance, and advice on keeping your home and property safe, whether you’re at home or away. Give us a call at 866-255-4338 and speak to one of our professional staff who can answer all your questions. Call us today.