More Holiday Security Tips to Complement Your House Alarm System

More Holiday Security Tips to Complement Your House Alarm System

In a previous blog, we listed some holiday vacation security tips that could help complement your house alarm system when you’re out of town. These were ideas to help you keep your home and valuables safe during the holidays. Intruders work overtime during this season because they know people accumulate gifts and are, also, often out of town. Here are some additional tips to help keep your home, gifts, and family safe when you’re traveling or any time during the holiday season.

Try the following tips if you’re leaving town for the holidays or, even if you’re spending extended periods of time visiting relatives or friends.

1. During the holiday season, your local police department will likely keep a watchful eye over your area. Nevertheless, even with a great house alarm system, it’s a good idea to check and see if they have a program that allows them to periodically check your house while you’re away. A visible police presence is a good way to discourage intruders.

2. Everyone enjoys the Christmas tree with presents stacked on the floor around its stand. It’s a warm and pleasant feeling for your family, and especially your children. Remember though that a stack of gifts that are visible through your windows can be an open invitation for intruders looking for valuables. When you’re away, your house alarm system will help protect you, but you’ll still want to hide packages and valuables out of sight from prying eyes that might be checking out your home.

3. During the time you’re absent from your home, it’s also a good idea to stop delivery of any newspapers or mail to ensure that an overstuffed mailbox or pile of newspapers on the front lawn don’t advertise that your away.

4. Be sure that packaging and cartons for high dollar items are not stacked on your curb waiting for trash pick-up. For example, the box for a new flat screen TV along your curb tells a potential burglar that there’s likely a valuable television set inside your house. Before you leave, be certain these kinds of cartons have been disposed of and are not visible at your home.

5. Finally, inspect your house alarm system to ensure your motion detectors will not be accidentally set off by curtain movement or pets, and that all components are working correctly. Advise the alarm company that you will be gone for the holidays, and when you will return.

Following a few simple safety tips can help keep your home and valuables safe and secure during the holidays and during any vacation when you’re away. Allied Home Security is here to assist you in keeping your home as safe as possible. We will be happy to inspect your house alarm system to ensure all components are working properly and that all elements of your system are in top shape. Give us a call today to discuss reviewing your house alarm system or adding components before the holidays arrive. Call us at 866-255-4338 and talk with one of our professionals who will be glad to answer all your questions.