5 Features You’ll Want Your Home Security System to Have

5 Features You’ll Want Your Home Security System to Have

Are you shopping around for the perfect home security system? Like many homeowners, you’re probably equally excited and overwhelmed by the customization options that modern-day security systems offer. One homeowner might consider something bells and whistles, while another would say it’s absolutely essential. But if you’re deciding between systems or companies, it’s not always easy to know which features are the most important.

While plenty of fantastic features out there can give you improved security and peace of mind, there are some staple features that no homeowner should have to go without. Here are the five main security features that will make or break your new home security system investment.

1.  Fire Alarm Systems

Smoke Detector and heat sensor
Smoke Detector

When you think of home security systems, you often jump to intruders or theft. But security is all about expecting the unexpected and being ready to handle it when it comes your way. All good systems should have integrated smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. These features are significant because they could save your life in an emergency. A fire alarm system can also reduce property loss and shorten recovery time if the fire gets out of hand.

You should aim to have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector for every level of your home, plus additional detectors in every bedroom. And don’t forget to change your detector’s batteries annually to ensure it’s working correctly. A smoke detector from Allied Home Security connects directly to your security panel for an even faster response time from first responders, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking for a more comprehensive security package.

2.  Alarm Monitoring

Allied Alarm Monitoring
Allied Alarm Monitoring

This type of monitoring is primarily for protection from break-ins and theft but has some overlap with other emergencies as well. If you’re away from home, alarm monitoring can alert the local authorities to handle the situation swiftly. If you’re frequently away from your home, investing in alarm monitoring should be your top priority. Professional monitoring is also incredibly convenient and one of the only ways to truly have around-the-clock protection for your property.

Alarm monitoring is the bread and butter of every Allied Home Security service, working with Brinks Security to bring our homeowners only the most experienced and professional home monitoring. Allied Home Security keeps you safe with UL-certified monitoring stations that come with cellular monitoring. Cellular monitoring means you’ll never have to worry about your safety should your internet go out.


3.  Security Cameras

Home Security Installation
Home Security Installation

A high-quality security camera system rounds out any home security package. They’re ideal for catching intruders in the act or reviewing any problematic situations outside your home. You can then take the concrete evidence to the police to help them bring the culprit to justice.

Security cameras also have a good amount of practical uses. A doorbell camera can let you know who’s at your front door before you go to answer it, and outdoor cameras can help you keep an eye on your property, no matter where you are. Of all the security options, security cameras likely have the most applications outside of an emergency.

The Allied Home Security cameras are some of the most powerful on the market. Our outdoor cameras have a field view of over 65 feet, are completely weatherproof, and record 24/7, so you’ll never miss a thing. Our indoor cameras also record and use cellular monitoring like our monitoring stations. Allied Home Security has you covered whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor security camera.


4.  Security Sensors

Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor

Security sensors will inform you or your security company of movement inside your home. Placing motion sensors at points of entry can help determine where someone has broken in, and there are even glass break sensors that can detect a smashed window. They’re an incredible asset for homeowners, especially those with larger homes where it may be challenging to determine how intruders entered. And much like security cameras, they also have multiple uses. You can use sensors to detect when someone has entered a sensitive area of your home, which can be used to keep kids or pets safe.

A professional security company can help set you up with high-performance motion detectors in the perfect spots. Allied Home Security has discreet sensors that easily blend in with their surroundings. These motion sensors will alert your monitoring service when tripped, so they work seamlessly with your home’s control panel. Security sensors are highly recommended for protecting every inch of your home.


5.  Smart Locks

Kwikset Locks
Kwikset Locks

Smart locks are newer on the scene compared to other features, but they’ve quickly become a mainstay in home security systems. Smart locks allow for more control over your home’s protection & access, with options to lock your doors at specific times of the day or even keyless entry. Smart locks also integrate seamlessly with your smartphone, computer, or many other devices so that you can lock your doors from anywhere. Smart locks may not seem an essential feature in a security system. But for busy, business-oriented homeowners with packed schedules and a lot on their plate, they’re an enormously valuable asset.

Allied Home Security smart locks give you incredible freedom and flexibility, all while keeping your home protected. If a family member forgets their keys, there’s no more dropping everything to rush home and help. It’s just a few simple taps from your smartphone or computer. And Allied’s smart home features don’t stop there – the Edge Panel is the next generation of home security monitoring that gives the user the ultimate control over their home. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for security and comfort, all wrapped up in one neat package.


Find What Essential Means for You

Edge Panel

These five features are a terrific jumping-off point for a homeowner shopping for a security system. But a company like Allied Home Security can help bring your home’s safety to a new level with tailor-made options. While these choices will benefit any homeowner immensely, having customized protection is the best way to ensure your home is secure. Every home has unique security needs, so speak with a professional to learn more about other features that will keep your home and family safe 24/7. And when you’re ready to make your decision, you can feel confident that you’ll have everything you need to stay safe and protected in any situation.

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