What Your Alarm Monitoring Company Can Do

What Your Alarm Monitoring Company Can Do

After you obtain a home security system, the next decision is whether to add a home alarm monitoring service or not. Most home security systems come with an app that you receive instant messages if there is activity detected around your home. So, if you already see what is happening around your home, what more does an outside monitoring company do? In fact, there are many more advantages you may not have thought of. 


Disadvantages of DIY Alarm Monitoring

The biggest benefit of having an outside company doing the alarm monitoring for you is the 24/7 service. There are going to be times where you are not available for a security alert that goes off on your smartphone. If you get into a dead zone and do not have cellular service, what might you miss? What if it’s the smoke detector? By the time the neighbors notice, it would be too late. Or, if you are available to see a security alert and someone is trying to get into your home, you are forced to make instant decisions. Who do you call? What do you say? The worst situation is when you are out of town and can’t get back home to see what is going on. 

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Benefits of Company Alarm Monitoring

Having an alarm monitoring company takes these worries and stresses away. The whole purpose of the monitoring company is to watch out for your home and the activities around it. So, going back to the examples listed above, what happens if you are not able to receive the alerts due to no cellular service? The monitoring company gets the alert, and if they see an intruder or a fire at your home, they will send out immediate responders. Most importantly, even if they are not able to get hold of you, help is still being sent to your home. In the case of a fire, your smoke detector links to your monitoring, and they will send out the fire department quickly. The same action occurs if carbon monoxide or smoke incapacitates you. When the alarm monitoring company receives the alert, the first responders leave to check on you immediately. 

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Best Alarm Monitoring Protection

To summarize, the advantages of having a professional monitoring company looking out for you far outweighs any disadvantage someone may try to think up. Yes, there are varying monthly fees for the service. However, you can’t beat the stress-free service knowing you get alerted in the case of an emergency. Especially if you are not close to home, someone else watching out for you leaves you free to focus on other important matters. Not to mention, your homeowner’s insurance usually gives discounts for alarm monitoring on your home. Monitoring tells the insurance company that most intruders will be discouraged from even trying. Plus, with monitoring, there is a more likely chance that they are caught in the act which decreases loss.

At Allied Home Security, we know how important this service is for you. Our partners at Brinks Home Security monitor our home security packages. Alarm monitoring requires a $0 activation fee, and the monthly fee starts at $19.95. Brinks Home Security has one of the fastest response times in the nation. They have been awarded for their customer satisfaction two years in a row by the J.D. Power Awards. Give us a call today and find out how to put our alarm monitoring services to work for you. 

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