What to Look for When Choosing Surveillance Cameras for Your Business

What to Look for When Choosing Surveillance Cameras for Your Business

Your business is your lifeblood. You want to do whatever you can to make sure it’s completely protected, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s a no-brainer for you to invest in a security system, but what type of Surveillance Cameras would be the best for your exact needs? Let’s take a look at some most important considerations to keep in mind.

Do You Need Indoor or Outdoor Surveillance Cameras?

If you want to primarily keep an eye on the inside of your business, then you should be able to choose just about any kind of Surveillance camera available. But what if you want outside surveillance as well? That’s where it’s very important to make sure your camera is built to withstand the elements.

Even a little of dirt or water can interfere with the quality of the video your camera produces. Make sure you get a camera that can handle whatever Mother Nature decides to dish out.


Most business owners will want cameras that can produce good pictures at night or in other low-light conditions. There are several models that offer low-light infrared capabilities. This means they can deliver clear pictures in any sort of lighting conditions. The more infrared LEDs a camera has, the better it will be able to see when it’s dark.

Frame Rate

The frame rate determines how smooth the video will be. If a camera’s frame rate is low, the video will be very choppy. It’s high, the video will flow smoothly. A frame rate of 30 frames per second is typically considered high quality.

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