Use Your Tax Refund for a Home Security System

Use Your Tax Refund for a Home Security System

It’s tax season and the deadline is looming. Although the date has moved from April 15th to May 17th, it’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute. For some early birds, they already have their refund coming back. In the state of Texas, the average refund amounts to $3,191. That’s a nice amount of money to get back. Now comes the decision to spend or save. 

Financial advisors remind us not to splurge or impulse buy. If you already know you are getting some money back, start a plan. That way, by the time it comes you have shopped around for a good deal on something you need. A good spending plan includes those things that you will use on a regular basis and not disappear or get put on a shelf after purchase. One item to consider is a home security system. This is not just a luxury item anymore, it’s a necessity. Let’s consider why this is a wise purchase. Or, if you already have one in place you can look over some upgrades. 

#1 Keep Your Family and Home Safe

This, of course, is the number one reason to have a home security system. We want to provide protection to our loved ones and secure our valuables in the home. There are many options to look over and decide on. Even the very basic items, such as a video doorbell or an outdoor camera pointing down the sidewalk, are a big deterrent to an intruder or porch pirate. However, the more devices or layers of security you add, the stronger your protection barrier will be. Even better, back-up your choice of a security package with 24/7 monitoring. This will ensure that you have around-the-clock eyes on your property when you can’t be there. 

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#2 Environmental Hazards

While many are concerned about the outside intruder, don’t overlook potential interior hazards. Home security systems today provide alerts directly to your smartphone or another app device when a home hazard is detected. These hazards would include smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, or flooding. When you have an app to alert you in real-time, you get help to your home quickly. Many have these smoke or CO detectors in the home, but upgrading them so they work with your home security can be critical. With a monitoring system, there would be immediate action to care for the emergency. On the other hand, a standard smoke or CO detector is only effective if you are home to hear it. 

#3 Smart Home Convenience

Even though home security systems are common these days, smart home devices are becoming more popular too. Thanks to Alexa and other virtual voice assistants, homes are turning to automation for small tasks. Now with programming, doors automatically lock, alarm systems turn on, garage doors close, and more. Everything from lights to thermostats is programmed or remotely managed in a smart home. So, if you already have a home security system in place, consider adding a few of these smart home options. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Especially, when you see your energy savings result from your thermostat and lights being managed easier.

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Spending Wisely

These are only the top three reasons for using your tax refund for a new home security system or upgrade. If you ask your friends that have one, they will have more benefits to relate from their experience. Installing home security is never a bad choice. Adding in some smart home upgrades is a thrifty option you will enjoy too. Give us a call at Allied Home Security and find out what we have for your home. Let us know what you are looking for and we will work with you to make it happen. Take advantage of that little extra money boost and put it to the best possible use, protecting your family! 

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