Smart Home Security and Home Entertainment

Smart Home Security and Home Entertainment

As smart home devices become part of our home security systems, we learn how to make it all work together. The longer these items are used, the more useful they seem to become. In fact, there is always an ingenious person out there that finds a new use for an item we see every day. However, with smart home automation integrated with our home security systems, a whole new field of innovation will arise. For example, today we will consider how our smart home enhances our home entertainment. With so much time spent at home lately, music, movies, and gaming are popular pastimes. How can we use our smart home for a greater experience?

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A smart TV is going to be your centerpiece. The TV is where the music videos can be seen, movies will be watched, and your gaming experience will come to life. Your favorite streaming apps go straight to your TV for on-demand entertainment. In addition, with a smart hub, you keep control without getting up while using your smartphone. If you really want the big screen, you could opt for a smart projector. This will give you a display of up to 100 inches with that theater feel. Also, the projector is capable of playing video from your camera, phone, flash drives, or your laptop. Being a smart device, it interacts with your smart speakers too. 


There’s nothing like our favorite music stream to make the chores go faster, or help us unwind after a long day. For this, you will need to look at your favorite electronic brand that carries Wi-Fi or Bluetooth speakers. If you prefer a smart speaker with a display, those are available also. 

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If you are looking for the full experience, look into getting a home theater system. You will find that they work with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, along with other smart devices. Integrate it into your home hub and have control using your smartphone. 


Today’s games come with HD imaging and surround sound capability. As a result, your game comes to life when you connect it to your smart home speakers and smart TV or projector. With smart lightbulbs, you can change your lighting in the room as well. Take a well-deserved break and immerse yourself. 

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Entertainment Control

To monitor and control your smart home entertainment, you can use a home hub or a virtual assistant with a voice command. If you prefer, you can obtain a dedicated remote control that works with a hub and app. This controls not only your entertainment but any other smart device in the home that you want to include. The controls include on/off plus scheduling your devices and programs. 


Next, to keep all these devices running smoothly, you might want to think about a mesh system to boost your Wi-Fi reach. A mesh system makes sure the proper bandwidth is given to all of your devices. It also has the ability to give you family control and monitoring over the kids’ activities. Another extra might be a universal remote. There is a wide variety of them out there specially made for tying all your smart home devices together. There are the classic feel remotes all the way to “gesture” remotes that work with an actual wave of the hand. 

Smart Home Security

In conclusion, all these wonderful devices bring excitement to our home entertainment. Because there is such a wide variety available, no specific name brands have been noted. Each household seems to prefer their favorite electronic brand. Since these items are all tied into your smart home security system, if you need some direction, feel free to call us at Allied Home Security for suggestions. We want you to be safe at home, but at the same time, enjoying it too. Find out what we have available and what we can set up for you in your home. The kids may never want to leave!

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