The Latest in Smart Home Technology

The Latest in Smart Home Technology

Automated technology has come a long way since the simple Clapper for our lights-off was created in 1996. With simple programming, our home can vacuum, regulate temperature, lock the door behind us, and much, much more. Smart home inventions are evolving daily and becoming more affordable. Even better, they are not just for making things easier for us, but now they also save you money. Let’s go over a couple of these items that would make a great addition to your home security systems. We’ll start with our basics and wander into the futuristic. 



In the area of communication, we have an endless list of devices that can be added to your home security hub and used in the home. 

  • Smartphone: Use your voice to call or text, install an app that can keep you connected to your home control panel to manage your home devices.
  • Voice-Assistant Hub: With these panels, you can play music, tutorial videos in the kitchen, listen to a book, view your security cameras, and make phone calls for you.
  • Mesh Network Routers: keep your Wi-Fi signal strong throughout your home without dead zones.
  • Home Pet Camera: See and speak with your pet and drop out treats for them.

Security and Safety

Lock your house and throw away the key…literally. Security in a smart home takes on a new look with everything turning hands-free. 

  • Video Doorbells: See who is at the door and speak without letting them know if you are home or not. Some even come with facial recognition. 
  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras: Motion-sensor cameras send motion alerts to a monitoring service or your smartphone. Some are capable of a two-way conversation.
  • Smart Locks: Some locks have keypads to assign a personal code, and others use Bluetooth and the app. Let the neighbor place a package inside your door for safety and lock up when they leave with your smartphone. 
  • Smoke Detector: There are a great variety of these detectors. They can detect smoke, fire, and heat. Some smart smoke detectors are even capable of turning on the lights in the case of an emergency so you can see your way out. 
  • Smart Garage Opener: You can operate your garage with your smartphone app, and also check to make sure you closed it after you leave.


Saving Money

Yes, it is nice when your smart home takes on tasks to make life easier, but did you know it also saves you energy and money? 

  • Smart Thermostat: Put your thermostat on a schedule or control it through an app on your smartphone for convenient adjustments. 
  • Smart Light Switches: Save money in your budget by making your switches smart. You can program them when to turn off and on. 
  • Smart Light Bulbs: Some smart bulbs can change colors with a setting. Other bulbs can’t change colors but can adjust the dimmer for 50 different hues of white. There are even those that can sync with the beat of your music.
  • Smart Plugs: These plugs can turn lights or appliances off and on with a schedule, remote access, or with a manual switch. 
  • Smart Power Strip: This is the same idea as the smart plug, except you have several outlets on it. Create routines for the items plugged in and monitor the energy usage. 

smart home


Who wouldn’t like help with the everyday tasks after a long day at work? Smart appliances and helpers will do just that. All it takes is the right plug, an app on your phone, and a little scheduling. Look over the possibilities. 

  • Robot Vacuums: Get the cleaning done while you are away with a robot vacuum. Map out the areas to schedule. 
  • Motion Sensors: These sensors are for more than just security. You can program them to perform tasks, such as turning on lights when you walk into the room. The options are endless with this item. 
  • Smart Ovens: These portable ovens look like a microwave but also act as a convection oven, air fryer, and a warmer for your food. You can control it through your virtual voice assistant. 
  • Smart Blinds: Replace the hardware on your blinds with a battery-operated motor that connects to your Wi-Fi. Set a schedule or use voice commands with your virtual assistant. 
  • Oil Diffuser: Control the diffuser with your virtual home assistant or your phone app. Create the perfect atmosphere before you even walk into the house. 
  • Robot Lawn Mower: Who would have thought? A Smart Robot Lawn Mower utilizes hidden wires that create a boundary to stay within. It keeps its schedule even in the rain. 
  • Interactive Home Gyms: Wall-mounted mirrors play interactive workouts of yoga to boxing and tracks your progress. 


Believe it or not, this is just a small list of what smart home technology offers. If it plugs in, then more than likely, it is possible to be automated to turn on and off, and sometimes even more. At Allied Home Security, we can assist you with your home security needs. But, we also offer a variety of smart home devices that you are able to add to your system.