San Antonio Home Security Issues to Avoid

San Antonio Home Security Issues to Avoid

The biggest mistake a homeowner could make when it comes to home security is not to have any at all. A good neighborhood and a nice home tend to put people in a relaxed frame of mind. You feel safe and so put off investing in a home security system. However, the rude reminder may come in the form of a break-in one day. Don’t take that chance. A simple basic setup lowers the odds of you becoming a victim. The more precautions added to your system, the stronger the layer of security. However, putting that home security system in place is not the end of the story. There are still issues that you can avoid if you take time to make sure everything is in place properly. 


Limited Coverage

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A budget for home security is limited for many. However, to the extent possible, aim for the best coverage of your entry points to the home. If you include outside cameras, go for the widest angle view. Your goal is to not leave any blind spots or hiding areas for the potential burglar to enter your home. Where there are limitations in what you purchase, simple things prove to be extremely efficient. For example, the video Skybell video doorbell offered by Allied gives you a 180° field of view. It allows you to answer an alert remotely or view on-demand HD live-streaming. The history is stored for review when you need it. So, a limited budget doesn’t always mean limited coverage. 


Mismatched Devices

When you shop and purchase a home security system, it usually comes from the same source and works well together. But, when you purchase a home with an existing security system already in it, there may be issues when upgrading it. Here is a situation where you may need professional advice or some extensive research on your own. You cannot just pick out devices online and assume they are compatible in working together. Many older systems are able to be upgraded and used by replacing the main control hub. A professional consultation lets you know exactly what kind of changes to make. 


Unmonitored System

Another issue that could affect your home security company is the lack of monitoring. A security system is limited when there is no monitoring to back it up. 24/7 professional monitoring keeps an eye on your home when you cannot. Having your system unmonitored means that you are responsible to respond to all your system’s alerts. At the times when you are unavailable to respond, your home is vulnerable. Keep this in mind when making the decision of whether to enlist a monitoring company or not. Especially when most start out at $19.95 a month compared to the losses of a home burglary. 

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Not Securing Your Security

Lastly, now that our home security systems are going wireless, it is critical to secure your home network passwords. While your cameras are watching out for the bad guy, don’t let the invisible hackers sneak into your Wi-Fi. These hackers keep up with technology also. So, it is up to you to try and stay a step ahead. Mix things up and layer on the security to keep them out. Some tips for this are:

  • Change your password immediately upon installing your router
  • Use unique passwords, never reusing the same one
  • Keep all device software updated 
  • Have alerts turned on for outside attempted access
  • Two-factor authentication prevents outsider access


Final Word

The above suggestions are only a couple of areas to watch out for. In fact, as home security systems continue to evolve, so do the issues. However, many possible issues are preventable with you staying alert and up-to-date with precautions and software updates. Allied Home Security helps out homeowners and renters to stay safe in their homes. We are happy to help you evaluate your present or future security needs. Whether you need to upgrade an older home or install a new home security system, our experts are here to advise you. We listen carefully to your needs and budget before making suggestions. Give us a call, and find out what the possibilities are for your family and home.

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