Keeping Items Secure When Visitors Come Over

Keeping Items Secure When Visitors Come Over

Well, the big holiday rush is over, and the visitors have dwindled and gone home. This year not many ventured out to travel, but some did. Do you ever worry about inviting over friends that come with their own friend you don’t know? You may not even know some people that end up in your home for dinner or a party. How can you secure your home against the unknown? Planning ahead is always the key and some thoughtful home security can help.

Hide the Valuables

It seems like home security common sense, but when we are under pressure for an upcoming arrival of guests we may overlook things. The most common items that are at risk of being taken from your home are the smaller things that would fit in pockets or purses. This list would include cash, phones, small electronics, jewelry, and the like. Before the arrival of guests, do a walkthrough and look for items that can be put away safely. Additional items that need to be secured are things such as medications, papers with your personal information on them, and any weapons on the property. Keep all these things far from guests. 

Don’t Advertise

When we have new people in our home, it may be tempting to show off some valuable family heirlooms. Or, maybe a friend of yours starts speaking to the guest he brought about that new gaming console you just purchased. Just because you have home security, do let down your guard. If there are people around you that you don’t know, keep valuable items out of the conversation. If you hear it coming from someone else, change the subject. We don’t want to let those we are unfamiliar with having a list of the valuable items in the house. Even if they are innocent, they may just unknowingly pass it on to someone who has bad motives. 

Limit Access

When you have guests over, there is no reason that you have to allow them to roam freely in the home. In fact, that adds additional stress on you as you try to account for all the people walking in and out of the doors. Designate one room for coats, purses, or other carry items and lock the door. It gets a little tedious locking and unlocking, but things will stay safe. Other rooms you don’t want anyone to access can be locked also. Open rooms should have valuables locked away or put where they are unseen. It’s not rude to limit people to one area, it actually provides safety for them and home security for your valuables. 

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Home Security 

As stated at the outset, planning ahead is the key to safety. In today’s uncertain times, home security systems are becoming a standard item for a home. In fact, with smart home systems being integrated with security, some are wondering how they ever lived without it. If we apply a home security system to the examples we stated above, the problems become minimal. For example, cameras placed throughout the inside of your home allow you to see a live feed of any area you want. Placing door contacts, not only on your outside door but inside too can be helpful. You can add contacts to doors, drawers, or cabinets that you don’t want anyone to access. That way you receive an alert on your smartphone if anyone tries to open these items. 

At Allied Home Security, we can layer your home with the security you need so that your worries all but disappear. Not only will you be prepared for the next guests to arrive, but you will be ready for any unexpected intruder also. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you. We have the commercial-grade home security equipment, along with the latest smart home devices to take over some of your daily tasks. From a little to having it all, we can set up the perfect package for you. 

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