4 Items You May Overlook in Your Home Security

4 Items You May Overlook in Your Home Security

You did your best to make your home safe, maybe even putting in a home security system. Everything appears to be locked uptight. However, your home still has areas that you may want to double-check. These weak spots could compromise your safety. Home security does a lot to relieve any worries, but we should never be totally relaxed. Always be alert for ways to improve and reinforce your security measures. Here are a couple of reminders to check off the list.


At first, you may not think of landscaping in terms of home security, but it does help or hurt your security system. Do a walk around your home and take a look at all of your entry points of doors and windows. It is important that your landscaping does not create any blind spots. Bushes should not create hiding places near windows and doors. If you have security cameras outside, you do not want the views to be blocked by trees or bushes. Keep your shrubbery trimmed back and neat. People walking in front of your house should be able to see your entrance and walkway. Also, keep the trees trimmed so that they don’t give access to the second story windows or balconies.

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The objective of having lights around the outside your home is so there are not any dark areas for an intruder to hide in. You want your lit-up home to be a deterrent for crime. Other than your main house, if there are sheds or a detached garage, have them lit up also. If you are concerned about power usage, you can use motion-sensor lights, timers, or battery-powered lights. LEDs are also a very energy-efficient choice for home security. Plan ahead if you go out of town. Timers or smart home scheduling will help maintain the daily routine so your house is not left dark in the evenings. 


Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you have a new deadbolt on the front door that no one can get in. Statistics show that 34% of burglars go in through the front door and 22% go in through the back door. Unbelievably, 2% walk right in through an unlocked entrance. Don’t leave a hide-a-key outside, they know where to look. An experienced burglar can enter your home in under one minute and will only spend 5-10 minutes inside. That is a very small window to catch someone in the act. Placing a video doorbell at the front entrance will record anyone who comes close. Even if they see the camera and turn around to leave, it’s too late, their picture is already there. As for the door, pick a solid material for the front door, reinforce your door jambs, and use door stops on the hinges to keep them from being taken off. Lastly, don’t forget to secure that doggie door when not in use. Although the intruder may be too big to squeeze through, they have been known to reach up to your doorknob or over to the hinges. 


Some may view their garage as their storage unit. Others may have a mini hardware store in there. Whatever you use it for, it is still part of the home and needs to be secured. Once again, lighting and doors come into play. A garage usually has three doors, the large roll-up, the one that leads outside, and the one that goes into the house. Believe it or not, thieves can use a simple wire coat hanger to open some garage doors. Watch the video below to see how fast it happens. They fish the hanger in and pull the manual release lever, then lift the door. They can do this in seconds. There are many brands of garage door mechanics, so you will need a little research to find out how to best prevent this from happening. Since the big door has a chance of being breached, always keep the door leading to the house locked. When using door contact sensors on the door, don’t forget one for the door leading outside. 

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This is just a small list of areas you can check on. Stay alert and keep improving. Give us a call at Allied Home Security for more suggestions. Let us know what you are looking to do for your home and we will help you out. Our customized home security packages, along with smart home automation, bring safety and convenience to your home. 


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