Houston Home Automation Ideas

Houston Home Automation Ideas

Houston Smart Home Security

We are all used to seeing smart homes in movies. We have also seen many tech entrepreneurs flaunt their smart homes on social media as well. Till now, setting up a smart home automation system was expensive and was usually seen as nerdy.

With the recent technological advancements, the cost to set up your own smart home automation system has come down drastically. Smart home automation has never been more affordable in Houston, Tx. With so many cost-effective smart home options there has never been a better time to upgrade. Let’s go over some of your options. 

1: Security & Smart Home Lighting:

Since all of us take our home security seriously, you should consider setting up security lights. These are lights that are equipped with sensors that detect any motion in the vicinity. You can set up these lights all around as well as inside your house. It would spook out any burglars who enter your garden in the night.  Additionally, such lights also help to conserve the electricity, which in turn would reduce your overall electricity cost.

2: Smart Home Security System:

While the automated security lights will undoubtedly put the thieves off their A-game, a smart home security system would make it very hard for someone to get away from a robbery. While these systems cannot stop a theft on its own, it can notify you or the Brinks Alarm Monitoring Station about the intruder’s entry. Thus, making it very hard for a burglar to escape from the crime scene.

3: Smart door lock:

Swap out your old lock and lose the keys while you’re at it. Instead of requiring a key to open the door, you will be able to open the door using either a pin or even your fingerprint.

Since these systems can be controlled from your smartphone, you can also be notified whenever a wrong pin is entered into the device or an unknown fingerprint is used to gain entry into the house.

4: Security cameras:

No automation system is complete without a home security cameras. With a 24/7 video surveillance systems, you can leave your house without having to worry about home security. You will be able to link all your smart gadgets together. With all your smart home equipment working together we’re providing layers of security and convenience. Our state-of-the-art security cameras also record in night vision.

Allied Home Security is the most trusted home security system provider in Houston Texas. With all the latest smart home security options and award-winning alarm monitoring, you’re sure to have the smartest home on the block. Call us today and customize the security system your family deserves!