Highest-Rated Home Security Systems in Houston

Highest-Rated Home Security Systems in Houston

It is becoming a common practice to put a security system of some kind in our homes. Have you tried to Google: “Best Home Security System in Houston”? It becomes an information overload with page after page of possible suggestions. To narrow things down a little, a few of the more popular companies will get compared today.  The in-common features will be highlighted, along with the ones that make each company unique. 

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Most Popular Home Security in Houston


ADT is a nationwide name that is known for home security systems. With over 150 years in the business, they have a large customer base.  Customer service reviews are based on the local provider of the ADT brand. The downside is that you won’t get a clear price for a system until after a technician makes a home visit with you. You will be signed to a three-year contract for the equipment that they will install for $99 to $199. Monthly pricing usually starts around $29.00 for a basic plan with a landline and can go up to $60.00 for a smart home plan with monitoring. 


Vivint was founded as APX Alarm in 1999. They became one of the biggest home security companies in North America. APX Alarm was renamed Vivint in 2010, so they have a couple of decades in the business. Their customer base is over 1.5 million in the United States and Canada. The benefit of this company is that its security system works well with your smart-home devices. The base price is about $600.00 with 24/7 monitoring and storage, along with home automation around $40.00 a month total. You can pay for your system upfront, or pay installments over 60 months. There is no contract to lock you in. 

Allied Home Security

Home Security System Package

Allied Home Security is a locally owned home security company. They have partnered with Brinks Home Security Monitoring. Their monitoring station has 24-hour live customer service if you ever have concerns.  The equipment offered by Allied Home Security is the latest technology. Free training to use your system is also offered. Allied’s monthly alarm monitoring fees start at $19.95. Most of the security packages include Free Professional Installation and Free Activation. 

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When it comes down to deciding, it’s always a very personal decision. Some go with the most popular company, still, others choose the cheapest. ADT seems to be the best-known name, but along with that customer base to maintain comes a higher price. They really can’t offer lower costs due to the earlier customers locked into their contracts. Vivint is gaining popularity but also has a contract if you can’t pay for everything upfront for your equipment. Their monthly monitoring fees are a little steep. Allied might be a younger company, but they have a good plan and rates, with top-of-the-line security equipment. The biggest benefit is that they are locally based in the Houston area. With Allied being local means personalized attention and same-day installation if you choose. Choose wisely, and stay safe!