Interactive Features of an Alarm System

Interactive Features of an Alarm System

Today’s modern home alarm systems are interactive. What does that mean? The definition of interactive involves the input of a user to a two-way electronic communication device that results in a response. It is a system made up of components that can be remotely controlled by your desktop or smartphone. Your home security system can have a couple of these interactive devices, or you might have your whole house equipped with them. Are they necessary? Are they useful?

Keep on the Watch

Video Monitoring from Allied Security
Video Monitoring from Allied Security

One of the main items we have interactive control over is most likely a simple video doorbell. This device serves as a motion detector alert, a video camera that records or shows live feed on-demand, a still-shot camera on some, and a two-way communication device. Outside security cameras also serve a role that is important since they further your view of the perimeter of your home and yard. You can maintain control of these cameras on your app or home hub. Alerts go out to you if motion is detected. You then have the option to view the activity in real-time or review the recording later. 

Manage the Home

Interactive home security systems keep you in touch with your home at all times. Other than cameras, you can choose how many devices to add to the system. You might want to have remote control of the environmental features in your house. Even when you are away, you can turn on and off the lights, adjust the thermostat, and more. You get flexibility and total control using your smartphone, desktop, or another electronic device. 

Stay Notified

View Video Cameras

The best part of having an interactive system is the immediate alerts and warnings. Any time your cameras detect unusual activity, or there is an environmental change such as smoke, a water leak, or other issues, you will receive an instant message stating the problem. If you have a monitoring service included, then emergency responders were informed along with you. 

Whatever different home security systems are out there, find the one that is just right for you. Allied Home Security can help you put it together. You can have as much or as little as it takes to feel secure. You can never be too safe. When you have interactive security systems, you can relax knowing that you have complete control in watching over your home. When you put alarm monitoring into the package, you have added an extra layer of safety around your family. Call Allied today and get the assistance of a safety expert to get you started.