How to Secure Your Home for Travel Season

How to Secure Your Home for Travel Season

It’s that time of year. People have stocked up on their vacation time in hopes of visiting family. Especially this year, with being mostly stuck at home, we want to travel. Although there are still many health precautions to take, a lot of travel plans remain in place. One of the many concerns with going out of town is leaving your house unattended. The extent of preparation for your home depends on how long you will be gone. But, there are a few things that you will need to do, even if it is for a short time frame. Your home security is a priority that must be considered.


Secure Your Home

Don’t just assume that the house is locked up. Before you go anywhere, walkthrough to check all the doors and windows carefully. Also, don’t put a hide-a-key anywhere. The criminals know what to look for. You can recruit friends and neighbors to check on the house while you are away. There is even a service that most local police offer for doing a well-check on your home while you’re gone. Some things for your house checklist:

  • Double-check all window and door locks
  • Unplug the garage door opener
  • Don’t leave a hide-a-key
  • Enlist neighbors, friends, police to check on the house
  • Clean out that refrigerator
  • Unplugged unnecessary items in case of a power surge
  • Make sure smoke detectors are functioning
  • Some take pictures of their home contents for insurance purposes
  • Arm your home security system


Look Like You Are Home

The best thing you can do to keep your home safe is to make it look like someone is always home. Have your lights on a timer to go on and off at the time you would normally use them. At night, it is a good idea to have motion sensor lights. That way, it will scare off any would-be intruder that wanders by. If your neighbor is close by, you can ask them to park in your driveway once in a while. Even better, install smart home devices that you control using an app on your phone. That way, you turn on the TV, lights, and just about anything with a smart plug. You can even purchase Smart Blinds that you can remotely control to open and close. Your home will look like it is staying in its daily routine. If this is a winter trip and you are leaving snowy temps behind, hire one of the neighbor kids to shovel your walkway so that it looks used. In the summer, make sure your lawn stays mowed. Home security includes many ingredients. 


Share Your Vacation After the Fact

A big rule for home security, while you are gone, is not to announce it on your social media. The fewer people that know, the safer it is. You can always make people just as envious when you get back and share those pictures. Thieves also scroll through social media and look to see who is getting on a plane. Don’t give them any help. 


Consider a Home Security System

Nothing locks things up tighter than an Allied Home Security System. With home security systems, there is a peace of mind that lets you go on that vacation with little worry about your home. Not only do you have cameras covering your home inside and out, but you also have the option of adding alerts of smoke detectors, flooding, carbon monoxide, and more. Then, there are the smart home choices. Here is where you can automate that TV, your lighting, and the thermostat. In addition, not only do we have Brinks home security monitoring your home, but you can use the app on your phone to check in on the house at any time, no matter where you are.  Let our home security keep an eye on your home, and you go and get that break that you’ve earned this year!