Porch Pirate Protection

Porch Pirate Protection

Doorbell cameras, are one of the most popular smart home additions in recent years.

These not only make your home look technology-inclined, they also have handy external security protection.

Here are three incentives for home doorbell cameras.

Houstons Best Doorbell Camera

1. Reduce break-ins or burglary chances by plain spotting doorbell cameras.

Most cameras do have features such as high-definition video and stored pictures, which will aid authorities after a break in happens.

2. Check who is at the door before answering or when you aren’t home. In addition to video footage, many doorbell cameras also enable audio control through an intercom. This lets you communicate with those at the door without opening it—a cool safety feature for when you’re home alone or someone seems suspicious.

Doorbell cameras are also equipped with night vision.

3. As technology continues to advance, homeowners show more interest in smart homes, particularly safety and security technologies. Top of the line security systems also increase the value of your home, in case you decide to sell.

At Allied Home Security we offer the industry-leading Skybell to complement our smart home security packages. To raise your homes IQ with a video doorbell and check out all of our smartphone options visit the Allied Home Security website and give us a call today!