Does a UL-Approved Monitoring Center Translate to Increased Home Safety?

Does a UL-Approved Monitoring Center Translate to Increased Home Safety?

So, you’ve purchased a home security system for your home or business. You’ve installed the sensors on your doors and windows. You’ve even positioned your security cameras to view your home’s interior and exterior. So, how can you be assured that your security system is providing you with adequate security protection?

While you hope that you will never need to see your security system in action, you want to know that your system will work properly should you ever need it. The alarm monitoring service keeping a watchful eye over your system is a crucial factor in the functioning of your security system. After all, what good is the most state-of-the-art technology if there is no one getting the distress or warning signal at the other end of the network?

Pairing your security system with a UL-Certified alarm monitoring service is the best way to ensure that your home and family are fully protected. This is precisely why Allied Home Security is proud to back-up our cutting-edge home and business security systems with 24/7 monitoring services provided by a UL-Certified monitoring center.

What Is A UL-Certified Monitoring Center?

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Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent third-party monitoring and certifying organization tasked with creating, maintaining, and ensuring compliance with strict quality standards for a variety of industries including the security and alarm monitoring industry.

UL-Certification sets a monitoring service apart from its competitors. To obtain UL-Certification a monitoring service must commit to maintaining the high standards set forth and enforced by the independent UL-Certification organization.

There are several important ways that UL-Certification monitoring holds alarm monitoring service centers to the highest standards of quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and service.

Security Equipment Quality Control

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While all alarm monitoring services will provide some level of surveillance of your home and property using your security sensors, cameras, and control system, UL-Certified alarm monitoring service centers must perform regular performance and quality checks on the equipment itself. In accordance with UL-Certification requirements, Allied Home Security installs only the most modern, and highest-quality security equipment that the industry has to offer. Additionally, our alarm monitoring service centers perform regular security equipment performance and quality checks of all equipment on both ends of the equation from the security equipment installed in your home or business to the security monitoring and alert systems in our award-winning monitoring centers. All equipment is regularly upgraded, updated, or replaced to maintain compliance with strict UL-Certification quality and performance standards.

Alarm Response Effectiveness

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UL-Certification bodies maintain strict standards for the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of communication between the on-site security system, the alarm monitoring service center, and the responding agencies. These communications are regularly audited to ensure that the proper response is initiated for each alarm or alert type every time. The quality of the alarm monitoring response is important for several reasons.  First and foremost, quality alarm monitoring. fast response times and accurate dispatching ensure that the most appropriate help reaches your home, business, or family as quickly as possible.  However, there are several other advantages associated with a high-quality alarm response protocol.

Compliance with communication and dispatching standards ensures that the proper response is mounted for each level of distress call. These high-level response protocols help to reserve the community emergency services for those events where they are truly needed. When emergency responders are dispatched to unnecessary or false alarm calls they must respond as if it were a true emergency each and every time. Responding to these types of calls takes already limited resources away from true emergency scenarios lowering the quality of service and increasing risk for all community members. In an effort to stem the flow of false alarm dispatches, public service providers and governmental agencies prefer to partner with UL-Certified alarm service centers who they are assured have the training and knowledge required to properly analyze and dispatch appropriate emergency service providers to each alert or alarm. Allied Home Security is proud to partner with a UL-Certified award-winning alarm monitoring service offering the fastest response times in the industry.  When your family experiences an emergency you can breathe easier knowing that Allied Home Security alarm monitoring dispatchers are analyzing the alert and dispatching those most qualified to assist to your location immediately.

JD Power Award Winning in Home Security Customer Service
JD Power Award Winning in Home Security Customer Service

The benefits do not stop there. Insurance agencies often have a vested interest in the quality of your home or business security system which includes the quality of the alarm response. Insurers are more likely to offer discounted rates to home and business owners who have chosen to protect their property through a partnership with a UL-Certified company like Allied Home Security’s partner, Brinks. The added protection and high-level emergency services partnerships provide added reassurance to the insurer that the home or business owner has taken every precaution possible to limit the possibility of damages or injury occurring at their property.

Industry Knowledge & Growth

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Finally, UL-Certification authorities require alarm monitoring service centers to possess and maintain a high level of security industry knowledge. These high standards go beyond basic security know-how. UL-Certified monitoring centers are regularly audited to assess the level of their vital industry knowledge on a staff-wide level. This means that in order to maintain UL-Certification, an alarm monitoring service center must provide regular training and continuing education opportunities to ensure that all staff members from the high-level executives to the dispatchers, and security system installation team are always up to date with the latest industry standards.

What’s more, UL-Certified alarm monitoring service centers are encouraged to contribute to the existing security industry knowledge base in a positive way. This fosters a sense of community ownership and accountability so that the security industry and alarm monitoring service centers are always providing the best possible service to their clients.

Allied Home Security is proud to be the highest rated UL-Certified alarm monitoring provider. Protect what matters most by partnering with the best. Whether you are in Leon Valley or Dallas, Call us today to get started.