Are Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras Reliable?

Are Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras Reliable?

Since wireless outdoor security cameras are a relatively new technology, you may wonder if they are reliable enough to count on for your family’s protection. There are a few questions you should ask home security service providers to determine the answer. What is the standard warranty for wireless outdoor security cameras? What’s the average reaction time when a camera stops working?

Before deciding, you should compare the benefits to the possible drawbacks of wireless outdoor security cameras. Comparing the two will help determine if you should have these security cameras installed. Another method is to read articles about the devices. Particularly, read the reviews of owners. Plus, if there is a long-term warranty on the security camera and a willingness of the provider to service the item, there is a better chance it is reliable.

Benefits of Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

The first benefit is that your homeowner’s insurance will have a 20 percent discount. If not, you should probably change insurance providers, as that is the standard now. Of course, that benefit is probably available for a device that is hard-wired, as well, but installation may cost more. Plus, a hard-wired device may be knocked out by a loss of power. Many of these new devices run on solar power or rechargeable batteries.

Another benefit is that you are going to be instantly alerted to anything that could be happening outside your home when the service provider has 24/7 remote monitoring, which you should insist upon for your setup. It’s pointless to have wireless outdoor security cameras if no one is monitoring the system.

The third benefit is that it is outdoors. That means you and law enforcement will know about a possible intrusion before they get inside, where your family is. This will raise an alarm that will most likely scare away the intruder before they have an opportunity to do any harm.

Possible Drawbacks to wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

One potential drawback could be the expense of wireless outdoor security cameras. That is when you use another provider, other than Allied Home Security, which provides free installation and activation. They have systems for as low as $19.95 per month. That’s probably less than the money you’d recoup with the homeowner’s discount.

Another drawback for some devices used outdoors along the coast is that seawater can cause corrosion, after a while. Make sure the wireless outdoor security cameras you will get installed are weatherproof; the best are vinyl-clad. Plus, make sure it comes equipped with true night-vision capabilities. Some of these cameras do not use infrared, or starlight technology, and that could mean the added expense of coupling infrared illuminators with the device.


Once you weigh the advantages against the possible drawbacks, you should get a wireless outdoor security camera this year. Your family will be a lot more secure. This is because you are going to have the security to watch everything going on outside your home before an intruder can break-in.

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