3 Cool Features on a Video Doorbell

3 Cool Features on a Video Doorbell

Some people jump when they hear the doorbell of their home. These days, very few just drop by unannounced;most will call or text first. When you are home alone, the prospect of opening your door can be intimidating. However, a video doorbell can be an easy solution to determining if the person on your doorstep is a threat or a friend. The following are three cool features that come with a video doorbell.

#1 Mobile App for Smartphone

The coolest feature on a video doorbell is the fact you can view it with your smartphone mobile app. Once someone rings your doorbell, you can see an image of them on your smartphone from anywhere, even when you’re not home. They will never know.

Not only will you know who came by while you were out, but when you are home, you do not have to get up and look. You can choose not to answer the door if you can see it is a salesperson or other unwanted guest. Or, if you just got out of the shower, you can tell the delivery driver to just leave the package on the porch. The mobile app gives you that flexibility.

#2 Power Versatility

If you worry about installing an electric doorbell in your older home, because the electrical wiring would be too much work or too expensive, there is another option. You can use a battery-operated doorbell. In newer models, the batteries last six months to a year. Rechargeable batteries are great, but keep in mind that in areas where there is a lot of rain or humid air, the batteries run down quicker. Also, you can have it both ways, so if there’s a power outage, your doorbell will still work with the batteries.

#3 Motion Detector and Video Doorbell Interoperability

Of course, the feature everyone loves about a video doorbell is the ability to tie it into a motion detector. That “porch pirate” might think they got away with your package, but won’t they be shocked when law enforcement knocks on their door.

Even when they don’t knock, you can see if anyone is on the porch or in your front yard. This device is an excellent feature for your home security. You should consider it to strengthen your home’s security at a low cost.

In Conclusion

When you want to gain control of your home security at an affordable price, start at the front door. A video doorbell is the perfect solution. Now, you can see who is at the door from anywhere, with your mobile app. You have the choice of a hard-wired installation, battery or both. And, when you connect a motion detector, you will have a video of visitors and those who would steal your packages. It eliminates any questions you may have about your doorway safety and ensures you only answer the door when it is safe to do so. A home security company can easily set you up with a doorbell that protects your home and offers you peace of mind.

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