Qolsys IQ Lightbulb

It is important in any home to have good lighting. Proper lighting gives the best safety and security. This dimmable LED Qolsys IQ Lightbulb makes your home smarter. It allows you to make rules and schedules for your home’s lighting. For example, program the light to come on when the doorbell rings. You can even create a lighting schedule when you are away. Have a child that does not like the dark? Schedule the lights to dim at bedtime, and then to go off after they have gone to sleep.

Qolsys IQ Lightbulb is equal to a 60W regular bulb and has a 25,000-hour lifetime. The built-in Z-Wave communicates with the IQ Panel. In addition, it strengthens your network by acting as a repeater. When used with other IQ devices, you get a more secure and automated home. Allied Home Security can set you up with the smartest home on the block. Call today and ask us how!

Allied Home Security smart light bulb


  • Qolsys IQ Lightbulb fits any standard lightbulb socket
  • Fully dimmable, instant-on LED bulb 
  • Soft white hue
  • Programmable schedule and rules
  • 60 Watts equivalent 
  • Low energy consumption (9w) 
  • Local control using the IQ Panel or smartphone app
  • Strengthens Z-Wave network as a repeater to other Z-Wave devices
Alarm Monitoring