Allied Home Security Security Allied Home Security’s partnership with the monitoring station Central Security Group provides over 40 years of industry experience. We are an authorized dealer of Central Security Group and have established ourselves as a leading force in Home Security across Houston, TX.



Wireless Alarm Monitoring


The Digital Rapid Response Systems connects to our monitoring facility through your land line sending digital signals to communicate vital information about your security and well being.

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Mobile Control Monitoring


Communications Plus enhances your system with remote access via the web. Monitor, arm, disarm, and check the status of your system from any internet connection or smart phone. (iPhone, Android, etc.)

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Alarms With Camera Bundle


With an extensive selection of quality camera equipment, we offer state-of-the-art video surveillance systems for just about any security need you may have. And all of our products are backed up by full tech support.

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All packages from Allied Security Solutions Also includes

24/7 Police Medical and Fire Monitoring

Yard Sign and Window Decals

Premium LCD Keypad

3 Door Contacts

All Prewired Windows*

1 Motion Detector

Best Price Guaranteed

ADT Vivint
Monthly $34.99 $44.99 $49.99
Installation 0 $149.99 $199
Activation 0 $99 0
UL – Licensed Company Yes Yes Yes
Price Protection Yes Varies Yes
Theft Protection Guarantee $1,360 $500 0
Agreement 36 Mo. 36 Mo. 60 Mo.
You Save $763.93
ADT Vivint
Monthly $41.95 $57.99 $69.99
Installation 0 $99 $199
Activation 0 $99 0
Remote Arm/Disarm Yes Yes Yes
Geo-Fencing Yes No Yes
Monthly Test Included Yes No No
Agreement 36 Mo. 36 Mo 60 Mo.
You Save $776.44
ADT Vivint
Monthly $59.95 $64.99 $79.99
Installation $99 $299 $199
Activation 0 $99 $99
# of Cameras 2 1 1
Camera Picture Quality Full HD 1080p 2.0mp Analog 720p
DVR Video Storage 1 terabyte No Stoarge only 10 second clip No Storage only 10 second clips
True Professional Installation Yes No No
Viewable on Smart Phone Yes Yes Yes
If I loose internet will my cameras work? Yes NO NO
Agreement 36 Mo. 36 Mo. 60Mo.
You Save $480.44

Same Day Install

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Fill out the form and an Security Specialist will contact you at the phone number
provided about special offers.

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