Abandoned Spectrum Home Security Customers Flock to Allied Home Security

Abandoned Spectrum Home Security Customers Flock to Allied Home Security

Cameras and other apps became useless leaving customers high and dry.

Around February 5, Spectrum discontinues its home surveillance program, leaving homeowners out hundreds of dollars for cameras and other devices they will not be able to replace or return.

Spectrum gives current security service clients discounts on comparable hardware from Ring and Abode, but clearly does not intend to make its own devices compliant with other systems or provide discounts on acquired equipment.

A range of vendors supplying the hardware and network infrastructure required for your device to run must close down their networks or terminate operations,’ reads a message to Spectrum Home Security subscribers’ site.

The monitoring company came with two wireless door and window alarms, wireless motion detection, touchscreen, yard sign, and window decals, according to Spectrum’s website. Compare this package to Allied Home Security for more competative deal.

Spectrum officially marked the computers as incompatible with other apps, essentially orphaning them until the service shuts down, unless the company releases a software upgrade.

Charter Communications owns Charter, which acquired spectrum in 2016 as part of a merger with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

Houston residents are urged to contact Allied Home Security for more information on equipment specials and home security deals.