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Customized Surveillance and Access Control for Large Industries
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Industrial Surveillance Installations


We show you how to do more than keep your building safe. Make sure your inventory, and the employees caring for it, get protected also.

Allied industrial security systems gives you fire detection and security solutions. We maintain a variety of large industrial organizations. For this reason, we adapt our services to conform to the individual size of that industry, including multi-site locations.

Our years of experience allow us to care for our commercial clients with confidence. We expertly meet your needs, no matter what the size.

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Our Solutions

Access Control

Cover all of your entry and exit points, ensuring all staff and visitors get monitored.

Fire and Medical

Rest assured that we assist you to stay within the required fire codes and work toward prevention and protection.

New Installations

Our professionals not only install your system but keep up with routine inspections and follow through on any needed repairs.

Unauthorized Intrusion Alerts

We ensure all access points are covered and intrusions get immediately addressed.

Security Monitoring

Allied Security Monitoring Services keep your property safe while showing you how to increase efficiency and protect your assets.

Video Surveillance

Recorded moments help you view and manage the activity happening in and around your company. Use the app for remote viewing and see live-streaming to check in on what is happening at the moment. Or, review previously recorded footage to look over a past event.

Risk Management

We help you stay prepared for future unforeseen events. Have a crisis plan in place for critical decisions that get made in an emergency.

Structured Cabling

We design, install, evaluate, and maintain your cable lines. Not only do we make sure you have the correct cables in place, but we also help you go a little extra by preparing for future growth.

Manage and Maintain

Our team monitors your company's security system, making sure it stays up-to-date and watching for any needed repairs.

Solutions for Integration

Bring your security and IT departments together for better reliability and savings solutions.

Reporting & Analytics

Your business decisions get based on real-time data that you collect from the business' activity.


Protecting you from breaches of your data and networks using advanced monitoring.


Emergency Responder Radio Coverage keeps the lines of communication open and running to first responders coming to your business.

eSuite Management

When you have more than one location, we keep your information available at your fingertips.


Infrastructure as a Service is a way for us to provide you with security for the infrastructure of your organization.

Industrial Security Monitoring

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The commercial industry brings with it a wide range of risks. These risks affect the safety of your clients, employees, inventory, and your building. With this in mind, Allied Commercial Security makes it our goal to ensure you have total coverage that doesn’t leave anything out.

Industrial security systems contains no preset rules. Every business brings its own unique specialties. For example, there are those who rely on their equipment for manufacturing, which focuses on the machinery and keeping it safe. Some businesses specialize in sales, and so inventory and employees take the spotlight. Whatever your needs are, we adapt the coverage to fit them.

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All-in-One Complete Services

HD Security Cameras

We take care of it all for you by putting fire, medical, and security systems all-in-one package. In fact, our safety coverage meets the health and industrial security systems meet the standards required by insurance companies.

Our combined commercial security packages make your workplace function smoothly, working to avoid needless time loss due to employee injury or inventory theft. We implement a program that has the goal of reducing business costs while improving its efficiency.

Industrial Solutions

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We offer dependable service.  As a result, Allied industrial security systems continuously proves to be a trustworthy partner for our commercial clients. 

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