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Wireless Outdoor Security System

Wireless Security – Secure Cellular Solves the Problem

Extreme weather conditions

The loss of phone service is a possibility you should understand. Natural Disasters, high winds, and severe storms can all cause problems to your phone and power lines. Non-cellular home security systems rely on the use of your telephone lines to report a burglary, fire, or other events. Communication to the monitoring station is lost if the phone lines are down due to unforeseen events of forces of nature.

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The Biggest Threat – Intruder Cutting Phone Lines

A more substantial concern is an intruder cutting the phone lines from outside of the home. Without an alternate way to send signals, this act would effectively disable your home security systems ability to communicate with the monitoring station when you need it most. Your home could be invaded without the police ever being notified of an alarm. Fortunately, there is a solution that will protect your home.

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Solving the Problem

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