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The well-being of their children is top-of-mind for parents. As such, parents should identify the potential risks and vulnerabilities within the home, and work with their kids to develop a go-to plan in case an emergency happens. To help better prepare children in the event of an emergency and give parents peace of mind, we’ve … Continue reading “Home Security for Kids”

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For many people, home security cameras provide peace of mind, but for others, they’re convinced that people will only behave as long as they know they’re on camera. Thus, they want to know what people are like if they don’t know they’re on camera. Before disguising cameras or placing hidden cameras, be sure to research … Continue reading “Hidden Cameras”

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Each year there are changes in the home security industry that might impact your home security system. New systems and companies are being created annually, while improvements in existing systems are added to make them more secure, efficient and user friendly. The competitive nature of this industry yields exciting new innovations on a regular basis. … Continue reading “New Innovations in the Home Security System”

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There are many advantages to consider when deciding whether or not to invest in a security camera system. You have probably heard about people who install dummy cameras in the hope of deterring would-be criminals. There is a lot of debate regarding the effectiveness of such cameras. While they may be a way of keeping … Continue reading “The Benefits of a Security Camera System”

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